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Shipping Tracking to Go Straight to Carrier's website

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  • Shipping Tracking to Go Straight to Carrier's website

    Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone has successfully updated their code for shipping tracking link in the order shipped emails. The standard code is that is comes back to your store and the tracking code is hyperlinked there. I want to send the hyperlink directly to the right shipper and the tracking code.

    What happens is that as soon as our system generated the tracking number, the email goes to the customer and of course it's not active yet. So they come back 2 or 3 more times and call us too. I'd like to send them to the shipper's website where they can sign up for alerts and track their shipment without coming back to our site a bunch to keep checking status.

    Tracking Number: <a href="[store_url]/shiptracking.asp?trackno=[trackingcode]">[trackingcode]</a><br>
    Shipping Method: [oshipmethod]

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    I understand this is frustrating for both you and the customers. However, you always want customers to come to your web site, and never send them away. The more the come to your site, the more they will remember it, get familiar with it, and become less likely to use your competitors' web site.

    There are three tracking pages, one each for UPS, FedEx and USPS. Edit these pages and add a big bold message that says "It could take up to 24 hrs for tracking information to appear". This is very common and seasoned customers do understand that. Newbies to e-commerce will learn in due time.
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