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Bugs in the new interface

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  • Bugs in the new interface

    the new interface is changing settings in our store - one coupon had non stack un checked so we were issuing double discounts - search box was visible to 2 of us 20 minutes ago - disappeared while I was on the phone - no one was logged into admin when search disappeared - shaun pointed out the "hide search" was checked - am I alone?

    I'd like to get rid of the message "
    Abandoned Cart Saver module is not enabled" considering it IS enabled

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    Our search settings were also changed to hidden yesterday. Had to go back into settings to un-hide. Also, It appears that "Distributor Emails" are not being sent so double check if you are using that feature.


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      One more thing, our user permissions settings were reset and I had to give permissions back to them.


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        "hide search" has been "auto" checked 3 times in 24 hours - their bugs even have bugs - clicking "hide search" only hides the landscape search bar but not the portrait menu search bar on our rd site