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How to change the add to cart button?

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  • How to change the add to cart button?

    I have searched the knowledge base for this every where, I can not find a good how to for this. I have a custom Add to cart button that we used on our Big commerce site. It brought up our add to cart numbers almost immediately so I wanted to put it on our current site. I think it breaks the pattern an draws customers to it more then the stock button. Does anyone have a write up to this?

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    Not sure if it would work but can't you just rename your file to whatever is in use now and upload it - it should overwrite the current graphic.
    Joe Arbogast


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      If you figure it out, and implement.. can you please share a link to your store so that others.. self included.. can decide if they want to try it? It would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see what this button looks like. Thank you for the consideration.