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Split shipments 2 tracking numbers

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  • Split shipments 2 tracking numbers

    If we ship part of an order and the manufacturer doesn't include one of ten items, we used to be able to split the item and the first tracking number and date would stay and we could add the new tracking number.

    1) Click split
    2) 1st shipment shows 1st ship date and tracking number.
    3) We can enter tracking number for 2nd shipment .

    1) Click split
    2) Tracking number and date of first item disappears.
    3) Both items show Not shipped
    4) Can enter tracking number for 2nd shipment but 1st shipment is now "not shipped"

    Does anyone have a problem with this?

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    I have not been brave enough to go to the new system yet. Honestly, I have been reading of too many issues. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon.

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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      I didn't know you could elect to stay with the old system. Mine just showed up. Not at a good time for me.


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        There is a bug on the Order Screen with Split Shipments. You can split, and add both tracking numbers, but the order screen would not reflect that. The two tracking numbers are actually in the system, it just does not reflect on the main screen.
        I sent a feedback regarding this but this black hole system is not the most helpful.

        3dcart: having a blog type page with ongoing issues, date and status of each would really help all of us. The same for Updates and upgrades to the program.