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  • Gift Certificate Notification

    I would like to see the gift certificate numbers that are generated posted somewhere on the order that is printed for the customer. The reason is that some customers do not receive their email (for don't bother to check it) and then they have to contact us in order to redeem it.

    We offer our customers samples of our products for a $5.00 charge, which is fully refundable with their purchase. Each of the sample products is entered as a gift certificate, so when the samples ship the customer also gets an invoice. It would be great if we could print the gift certificate number on the invoice automatically--many of them get the samples but don't bother to check their email, so they have to call us to find out how to redeem the gift certificate.

    If it were printed somewhere on the order, it would also make it MUCH easier to manage them. For the customers noted above, we have to go through many pages of gift certificates by date to find the one that belongs to them, and then amend it so it can't be used again.

    Just a thought :)

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    or maybe a way to see gift certificates in the 'my account' page....