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    Does 3dcart have store log files which can be downloaded, or scraped if necessary? When I was with Bigcommerce there were system and admin logs, showing what BC had done (updates, etc.), and what the admin had done, order activity, etc. I always found them very useful. I have looked everywhere without success. I did a forum search for "store log" with quotes and got posts with the words store and log, whether they were together or not. When I did the same in the KB, I got the message:
    No search results! Showing results starting with *

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    Closest thing you will get at the moment is on a per-order level (below the payment section), and then per-user level in Settings --> General --> Administrator Access --> Edit (any user) --> Log (top right corner).

    Note that the per-user log gets cumbersome to use since it generally doesn't display much helpful information, and the per-order log only really shows order status changes made by the API.

    Both of these appear to be slotted for improvement, and from the sound of it will become a lot more helpful once 3dCart has implemented the new features that have been requested on the UserVoice page:


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      Thanks, Alupis. I added a comment to the UserVoice page.


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        I've been told that UserVoice is where ideas go to die, and it does seem to be so in many cases. The need for a detailed, downloadable store admin log is becoming dire, as new software updates seem to be changing settings and breaking things much more often lately. UserVoice said it was a good idea, but it doesn't seem to have gone any further. As an example, I was moved from version 7.2.3 to 7.2.4, and now when I log in, my username is blank. It wasn't before. Even clicking "remember me" doesn't seem to take. Nothing about the login page was mentioned in the 7.2.4 Release Notes, but something obviously changed. 3dcart-Alex , 3dcart-Henry , GonzaloGil , something needs to be done! Even BC has a very detailed store and admin log. If they can do it, 3dcart can. The gauntlet has been thrown down, gentlemen!


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          Hi cwnoah,

          Ever since I started on 3dcart, my username has always been blank, even when I select remember - which is a pain.

          ​But when I log into the forum, the auto remember/auto fill, automatically remembers my username when I put the first character in.

          Even though 3dcart is a great cart, little things like these, and other simple fixes/features that are not included really let it down.

          Just like the Uservoice, where ideas from users should be implemented quickly, especially the easy ones. Yet some of these ideas are standard features on inferior carts, yet we have to beg for them to be added here. This only makes 3dcart less appealing to other potential customers.


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            Originally posted by cwnoah View Post
            The need for a detailed, downloadable store admin log is becoming dire, as new software updates seem to be changing settings and breaking things... As an example... when I log in, my username is blank
            I don't believe these things are related. An log of admin actions wouldn't provide any insight as to why your username isn't saved. I don't know how the Remember Me option on the login page is supposed to work, but that - as well as your password, if you wish - can be circumvented with your browser's autofill settings.

            In fact, that may actually be the issue. Previous versions of the login page used to have a URL that looked like /admin2/login.asp, and that may change depending on if you are on the new interface or old interface. Now you can cycle between either interface logins from the same URL: /admin/login.asp. So, it is possible that your browser has your username saved for a URL that is no longer used.
            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting