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Conversion Rate Drop After Switching to 3DC

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  • Conversion Rate Drop After Switching to 3DC

    My conversion rate has dropped drastically from 2.8% to less than .75% after my switch to 3DC from Big Commerce about 5 days ago.
    There are no noticeable errors that I can see, but I do see in the statistic for incomplete orders many make it to cart, are about to check out,and change their mind. Prices, ship rates, etc all the same.
    My URL's for product are the same. We do 90% FB ads and those have been adjusted if necessary.
    How can I really tell if there are errors preventing orders from completing? What else could drop my conversion rate by 75%?


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    I'm spitballing here, but:
    • Is your traffic rate the same and just conversions are down?
    • Have you run a test transaction?
    • Have you checked the abandoned carts for a pattern?
    • Do customers have to go to the cart to see shipping information?

    Best of luck, let us know what you figure out!
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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      We have been fighting a much worse fate since May. Traffic dropped by around 50-80% conversions are nearly non exsistant. We were doing quite a few a week or day and now I am going 4-7 days at a time with no sales. We rarely get anyone far enough into the check out to capture their email or address. we used to get a ton of people getting tht far into the funnel and able to close them with an email. Now we arent even getting them far enough to email them. We are down to a .35% conversion rate.
      We had a botched migration, but have been working on getting the SEO back to better before and still are seeing no increase in traffic or sales. We used to spend around 350-500 a month on PLA and convert decently. Now we are spending nearly the same and not seeing any convert. Our bounce rate is through the roof. I almost question that any of our traffic is real.


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        IslandJay - have you checked your rules for shipping and payment methods? It's possible that you may have created rules and exclude some customers.

        Also, did you migrate customer accounts? If so, did you provide your customers instructions on resetting their password?
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          I appreciate the responses.

          We ran about 25 test transactions. Different credit cards, billing address, paypal check outs, cards we knew would decline, different browsers, etc. Guest & account check outs. Zero issues.
          Product migration was very successful. Only 500 sku's so easy to check. URL's even match old site for just about all key product as do category url's. no real SEO issues with google there. Updated site map with them, anyway.

          For shipping we have $3 flat custom, Priority Mail weight based, free ground shipping orders $25+ (All USA) and just added international weight based options with USPS.

          Traffic is the same. Customer can see ship rates in the cart with their zip code, although I am debating on removing that because it does not take into account international.

          We are noting on the site that customers may need to reset their passwords. Possible that they cannot log in at check out and get frustrated? Possible. We did not email blast that one.

          Over the weekend we got about 70 orders, so we know the orders are coming it. Just not the same.


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            If you have a lot of repeat business, then the password issue may be the source of your reduced conversion rate. I would think that you may experience an increase in phone calls or emails though, or maybe not. I suppose it depends on a lot of other factors.
            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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              I was relying on the new admin dash area for this rate. I am realizing now that my conversation rate from this is skewed due to some orders not migrating over. When I adjusted the time frame in the true conversion report since my move to 3DC, the rate jumps to 4.5 %. Great, but that is too much. It made me realize that it is including my amazon seller account in with that. How do I see my true conversion rate based on visits and purchases at my domain?