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  • Admin Beta and V7 Notification

    Hi all.. I was just notified last night, when I logged in, that in 10 days, I am being converted to the new admin panel, and V7. No more options to do that. I have never used the beta (I am still in development, so don't have any usage patterns to contribute to the software), and can only hope that V7 will be all that is promised.. a step towards the future, and in the right direction. That said, I can only ask those who are active can really step up their feedback to 3dCart so that as many fixes can be put in place over the next week and a half. A little scary, a little exciting, and fingers / toes / eyes / signals crossed that this all goes off with as few hitches as possible. This will be my first store outside of eBay and Amazon, so I want to thank everyone who has been contributing. Here is to great / mutual success. Andrew