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Custom Export Sets have been changed after V7 Update

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  • Custom Export Sets have been changed after V7 Update

    I export my orders using a Custom Export Set that was configured two years ago. I just used it and discovered that many of the fields are missing from the export, namely all the products on the orders. Is anyone else having issues with this since the update to V7?

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    Have you been fully upgraded to V7 (not able to go back to the old admin) or are you using the beta? When I bring up 3dcart, I get a message "Try the New Admin Interface" with a "Switch" link. When I log in the Administrator dropdown shows version 6.7.2. I don't know if this is the beta version or the latest version that all users will be upgraded to, or if there is a difference.


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      I've was switched to the new version this week and can't go back to the older version.


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        Time for someone from 3dcart to weigh in. Is the version JulieAndrus has been switched to the same as the beta we have been seeing, and are able to switch back from?


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          Hey cwnoah she's on the latest release version, and you're still on the beta, but will receive the update soon. As far as the setting that affected the issue, it just needs to be toggled, (look for the "Include Order Items" checkbox on the order export page) because the previous version of the admin had a toggled by default (which may have led to the confusion).

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            Thanks for the clarification, Alex (or Henry). This leads to the question: If we're not seeing the latest version in beta, how are we supposed to know if something is or isn't working?


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              Alex - Thanks for pointing out the checkbox to "include order items".