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Creating Folders when uploading images

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  • Creating Folders when uploading images

    Hi everyone - just an FYI on v7

    Hello Sue,

    Thank you for contacting 3dcart support.

    The new store manager doesn't support this feature within the file mange, to create new folders I recommend accessing your files with an FTP client and adding new folders as sub-folders within the image folder> /web/assets/images - once created the new folders will be available within the store manager, please review the following link and let us know if you have further questions.

    This is massively inconvenient for me - I really am annoyed that standard functionality has disappeared. Anyone else who would support asking for this feature to be reinstated?


    Fabric Garden

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    I just wanted to let everyone know how to create folders within the file manager in the New Admin Version 7.
    Once logged in to the new admin you would go to Products - Images - There you will see a drop down menu named Select Folder -
    At the bottom of that drop down list you will <Create new folder> - Select that and you then get a new space to add the name of your New Folder. After entering the new name of the new folder you then just click on Create Folder (to the right) and now your new folder will be listed in the Select Folder drop down.

    I hope that helps!


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      Thank you 3dcart-David - I think this is highlighting an even bigger issue. I happened to speak to a support agent today, and she didn't really seem to know much about your software. I really hope that you guys are extensively training your agents, and not letting them figure things out as they go along. There are a lot of changes on the immediate horizon, not to mention new users that will wrestle with complex navigational challenges and bugs that have not been fixed as of yet. In this fast moving ecommerce environment, we need people who can target / solve our issues quickly and effectively.. not put us on hold to get an answer to each question we have. Again, many thanks for helping to solve this issue / make us aware of your new functionality.
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        3dcart-David - thanks I tested this and it works. But I agree with massagestore- could we get a list of changed functionality. It is a really high learning curve to find where everything has moved to.
        Fabric Garden


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          To handle folders and uploading images, I highly recommend FTP. You will save endless amounts of time, and will have much more flexibility.

          Once you have it setup it is super easy. Filezilla is FREE, and here is a tutorial of how to use it. Invest 10 minutes, and you will save days of work over the long run.



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            elightbox - I do use FTP and FileZilla. Have for years. However, when I am just creating one product, sometimes it is easier to use the GUI and more importantly test it (as everything has moved in the new version).
            Fabric Garden


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              Hi all,

              I have notified the rep's supervisor of the date and time of the call and asked them to pull the recording for additional training and/or coaching actions if necessary. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention. Obviously, knowing about the software is important, but to be honest, I'm more concerned with the "some other elements of customer interaction" point you described. If there was any rudeness whatsoever in her call, we apologize and we'll make sure it gets addressed.

              I also had the supervisors look into the email from your original post where the agent informed you that there was no way of creating folders. We've since spoken to the agent to make them aware of their blatant mistake.

              Let's try this... Next time you need to include an email reply from one of our agents, please also include their name as well. I'm not against a little public shaming to drive a point home to agents that what they say (and how they say it) has ramifications in the real world. [insert evil laugh] ;)

              could we get a list of changed functionality
              When the admin was still in beta, we published this series of articles intended to help people navigate their way around the updated interface. It's the same article series referenced in the message all stores got advising them that the upgrade to v7 is upcoming.

              One of the chapters was dedicated mainly to navigational changes made in the new admin. Here's a link to that section:That chapter of the article contains every section whose location/navigation updated in the new admin. For example, the folder creation action which prompted this thread can be found here.

              The "Where the [bleep]" chapter also contains it own sub-chapter for the extensive changes of the Store Settings area which was one of the more radical navigation elements to have changed.

              Hopefully this helps to clarify any areas and functions of the cart which aren't readily apparent in the new interface.

              Thanks again!
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                Hi Henry,

                Wow! Talk about openness and transparency. I am very, very impressed!


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                  3dcart-Henry - thanks for that article. Still can't find something though - so will log another call. lol I have generally been able to find most things. I had spent time in the BETA version, but when every time I logged in something stopped working in the storefront - I suspended all further testing.

                  Documentation is key with such a large number of changes - I have been asking support to update knowledge base articles as I do go there first. If I find something confusing I am aware others might as well. They have been very helpful in this area.

                  On this note - do you think you could update the release notes? Also I am peripherally aware that there is another update scheduled for the 31st October. Would it be possible to get a list of what is changing so that we can watch out if anything unexpected happens?

                  Fabric Garden


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                    Hi fabricgarden!

                    do you think you could update the release notes? Also I am peripherally aware that there is another update scheduled for the 31st October. Would it be possible to get a list of what is changing so that we can watch out if anything unexpected happens?
                    I'll check with 3dcart-Carlos as far as the release notes since he has more access to that info than I do.

                    Documentation is key with such a large number of changes - I have been asking support to update knowledge base articles as I do go there first.
                    Oh, so YOU'RE the one who's been keeping me so busy updating articles lately! ;) LOL

                    All kidding aside, I agree that documentation is key - not just for the updates and changes - but for all of the features in the cart. One of the biggest challenges I face when writing the articles (especially for newer features) is the clarity and accuracy of the information presented. So if you find anything in the articles that needs updating, is confusing or not clear enough or even downright incorrect, please let me know. Asking support (as you have) is a good avenue since they usually get it to me pretty quickly. An even better method is to use the comments section on the article itself.

                    At the bottom of each Knowledgebase article you'll see a comment section where you can let us know about anything that may be confusing or needs updating on the article. Don't worry, the posts won't get displayed on the article without manual approval so whatever you write will only be seen internally. The only comment/posts we tend to approve on the articles are complimentary comments about the feature or the article itself. Even so, when the comments are published they're displayed with only the poster's name (no email address is shown). So feel free to use the comment section on the KBs as well. Either way, the update request will get to me.

                    On a related note, I've been keeping pretty busy lately updating our old KB articles so that they reflect current settings and the v7 admin. However, there's still about 80 or so articles floating around in the knowledgebase that still reflect the old admin that I'm still in the process of updating. So here's a tip to help everyone spot whether or not an article has been updated yet or not.

                    Look towards the top of the article just under the title and "Posted by [Author]" tags of the article.


                    If you see a little 3dcart logo like in the image above, then the article has been updated for new settings and v7.


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                      No problem - will log changes as I see them. In fact I just commented on an article that I think needs updating. It has the new logo - but is incomplete. Let me know if you need more information. Sue
                      Fabric Garden


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                        Hi Sue!

                        Thanks for the heads up on that KB. That was a nice catch!
                        I just finished updating the article to include the missing info.

                        Keep 'em coming and let me know if there are any others!