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Order Totals - Summary and Detail not the same

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  • Order Totals - Summary and Detail not the same

    FYI - in case someone else is having this issue

    I have noticed that since the introduction of v7 - my order summary totals are not the same as the details. I have it happen to several orders.

    I have logged the call with support - who have closed the call with this response:

    I took a better look at the issue and was able to correct it. It seems that there was an item added to the order which was why there was a $24 difference in the 2 different areas.

    When adding items to an order, you must click the "Update Items" and then that will refresh the total.

    If it happens again, simply go to the order and update items. Have a great day!

    My response is:

    Please don't close this call - it is a bug introduced in version 7 of this software.

    I have NOT added an item to this order. In fact I do not generally edit customer orders except to change shipping costs.

    I have another order with this same issue and I have definitely not made changes - order FG-834. As a software tester (my real job), it seems that the issue may be related to the fact that both orders have fractional quantities.

    Please refer to development - as editing the order is definitely not the answer.
    Fabric Garden