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  • 301 Redirects question

    So we finally started a new blog on a separate host using a subdomain; so we can use WordPress and have a better system for blogging.

    We wanted to just use 301 redirects to take all of our existing posts and point them to the ones we duplicate on the new site for the blog.

    But in the 301 redirects area you can only specify the page but not the domain. For instance I can't tell /blog-name to go to I can only tell it to go to another page in this current domain, not a subdomain.

    I talked to 3dcart tech support and they couldn't figrue out a way to do this, and I can't do it from bluehost (where I have the domain and subdomain) because the domain is hosted here, and the subdomain is hosted on bluehost.

    Is there ANY workaround for this or am I just out of luck?

    Hopefully someone has been down this road and give me a yes or no on it.

    Thanks guys!

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    The 301 redirect feature built into 3dCart assumes you are redirecting an old link to a new link on the same store domain... so it won't work for your purposes.

    I don't know if 3dCart would do it for you, since it would be modifying the server config, but typically you'd solve this with a pattern-matcher redirect at the server level (it notices /blog-name and then redirects to the

    An alternate (and slightly less "clean") way to handle this is to do a 3dCart 301 redirect for all of your blog pages to a new Site Content page you setup with will handle the off-site redirect (this will give you a double 301 redirect, which isn't ideal, but should work).

    Basically, in the 3dCart 301's, you add all the /blog-name/<you-blog-pages> and have them redirect to a new site content page, say "/blog-redirector.html" or something.

    Now in the site content page /blog-redirector.html, you add something like:

    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
    When this redirector page loads, it reads the url and then loads that page immediately.

    The flow looks something like:

    Enter into browser --> 3dCart notices /blog-name and redirects to --> /blog-redirector.html 301 redirects to

    Downside to this is it won't be able to redirect to the page a user was trying to navigate to (like if they clicked a link to one of your old blog posts, etc).


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      Why not work the blog in 3dC? That is what we did and it looks fine.
      Still tweaking, but we changed how the preview appears, alignments, and added the big social share buttons by Add This.


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        IslandJay some find the built-in blog to be limiting in style, organization and features. Essentially, 3dCart focuses on ecommerce, not blogs, and fittingly their platform is a lot better at being an ecommerce platform than a blogging platform. Some users choose to use a off-site blog which specializes in being a blog (wordpress, drupal, etc...).


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          I would agree 100%. Not the best blog. But in the sense of keeping it all on one domain, a bit of coding and photo editing can make the blog decent.