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Multiple Promotion / Coupon Issues

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  • Multiple Promotion / Coupon Issues

    I have a problem that I cannot figure out. I appreciate your help ahead.

    I offer free shipping on all orders over $25. The only way I know to do this is the promotions manager.
    I also offer a number of coupons. some in email, some on the site. some on facebook. Again, all in the promotions manager.

    I do not want customers to be able to enter multiple (different) coupons. So I need to select the option to make the promotion non stackable. However, to do that on any one coupon/promotion also eliminates the free shipping option, since that is also a promotion.

    How can I offer free shipping on orders of $25+ AND limit the customer to only one coupon code?

    Thank you

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    Could you use a "By Value" custom shipping method?


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      The way we worked around this was to create custom shipping methods under Settings --> Shipping --> Shipping Methods. Setup a custom option by order value, and make it's minimum be your $25 minimum. The caption can be 'Free Shipping' or whatever.

      Now, you are bypassing the coupon/promotion mechanism completely, while still giving a free shipping option to your customers. This also allows you to still have other shipping options presented simultaneously with your Free Shipping option, giving you the opportunity to "upsell" a faster shipping service if the customer wants it.


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        Well that was an easy one. Thanks!