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  • Amazon Payments Issue

    Yesterday, I had my first Amazon payment and something went awry -- probably due to something in the setup. I received an email notification from Amazon that the sale had been made and approved; however, when I looked in my 3D Orders, the only new entry was in Not Completed. I reviewed the 3D article on Amazon payment setup and it appeared as though everything was set up correctly. Contacted 3D support - they said the 3 Return fields needed to be set up even though the article states differently. I also noticed that the Instant Order Processing URL still had the ".3dcartstores." in the URL so I removed that from the URL entry. I set this all up prior to moving my store "live" so this was the first test.

    Credit card via Stripe processed great on a separate transaction! I just need to have Amazon perform the same way but not sure where to look next,

    I contacted Amazon to see if there was a way to re-send the order information but apparently there isn't. Not a real problem -- I can work around it for this transaction.

    I have a couple of questions which hopefully you Amazon payment experts can answer.

    1. If I confirm shipment via the Amazon system, does this notify the buyer that it has been shipped? I can't email the buyer as I did not received any buyer information in 3D.

    2. Is there any way I can pre-test to make sure the transaction moves through 3D as expected. I see the "Sandbox" on Amazon -- is this the proper way to test?

    Grateful for any further information and/or assistance!



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    Hi Pam!

    Sorry to hear about that. I took a look and see that you are referring to Checkout by amazon. Did you recently purchase your SSL? The IPN would need to reflect the SSL/secure address so that the information is passed back correctly. If it originally contained the .3dcartstores address, that could be why the order did not show up as paid in the cart.

    What we recommend when adding a new payment method, would be to setup a test transaction to ensure that the order flow is moving properly and all ends are updated.

    Once an order comes in that was paid for using CBA (Checkout by Amazon) you would need to manually add the tracking and update the status in order to notify the customer if the order shows on 3dcart.

    I hope this information helps! Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance! Have a great day!


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      I went back and corrected the notification URL to the correct one (I thought I had done so previously but had a typo in the name). I originally set up the Checkout by Amazon before purchasing my SSL and neglected to change the secure URL on Amazon. An interesting side note -- I asked Amazon customer support about whether there was the ability to re-transfer the sales to 3DCart and the I person I spoke with basically said no. But after I corrected the secure location URL, the 2 sales (I know -- WOW) came into 3D so it now looks like its working as designed. I'm hoping for another CBA sale soon so I can be sure but it's looking good!

      Thanks so much for the follow-up!



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        Hi Pam!

        Great to hear that it is now working! Also I'm glad to hear that the orders are now appearing. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us we are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Have a great weekend!