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Price Display not working when item is on sale

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  • Price Display not working when item is on sale

    I'm having trouble with how the Price displays on the listing page when the item is on sale. Basically, if the product is on sale and a sale price has been entered in the control panel, the sale price ($24.99) displays on the product listing page but the "Your Price ($25.99) is blank. ie:
    Your Price:
    On Sale $24.99

    I know I can change the wording of Your Price in the store language but why isn't the regular price being displayed on the listing page. It displays ok on the category page.

    The website is under construction but here is an example: http://enjoybiscotti-com.3dcartstore...-6pk_p_12.html

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    You need to put the retail price in there too. Make the retail price and price the same. Then add a sales price and be sure ON SALE is selected.


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      Hello JulieAndrus,

      I have attached two screen shots; one of the product info page which shows what you need to check and the other shows what it looks like on my site. Hope this is helpful.

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