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    When I receive a payment via paypak echeck, the payment comes through as Paid in the 3D Cart backend as well as Shipworks. I have to check my Paypal account each day to make sure these "paid" payments are not echecks.

    Is there anyway to set up the system so that when an order comes in it is marked pending instead of paid? Then marked as Paid when the echeck clears?

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    I do not know if it can be done on 3dcart side but my suggestion is to stop accepting eChecks.

    I used to accept them but I stopped because it was a pain in the butt to monitor them. You have to wait 7 days and many times, they do not even go through.

    Not worth the hassle for an online store. You want to be sure an order is paid when it is placed. Not 'maybe paid'.

    There is an option on your paypal account to stop accepting eChecks


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      There should be an option in the advanced settings of the gateway that allows you to change the order status to unpaid. However once the fund are captured you will need to change the status to paid manually.


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        You should be getting an email from Paypal telling you about the pending e-check payment. Have those go into a special folder in your email and then you can flag and change the status of the order to Unpaid.
        Joe Arbogast