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11 sizes with 11 different prices same product.

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  • 11 sizes with 11 different prices same product.

    I have a product that comes in 11 different sizes and 11 different prices. Options I know to set it up are:
    1- Set up 11 different product pages (one for each size/price) - Then I can add weight/dimensions for shipping. Do I not end up with duplicate content for the search engines?
    (would be hard to write 11 different descriptions, meta, etc). Also I do not think this way creates a very good shopping experience for the customer.

    2- Under one product page set up sizes and prices as options using radio buttons. Doing it this way I am unable to have weights/dimensions for each product for shipping calculations.

    Are there any other ways to set up one products having different sizes/prices and being able to calculate the shipping correctly?

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    When you set up your options for making it only one product page, on the "Options" page did you click on "Advance Options" tab, this would then allow you to add in the stock and weight of the item, not the size. The size you would have specified with a radio button for sizing ... like small, medium, large, ect. Sometimes on some of my products I just create individual ones as it is better for my situation and is easier.
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