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Is there a way for a customer to check their order status if they are a Guest?

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  • Is there a way for a customer to check their order status if they are a Guest?

    Ran into this problem today.

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    Not 100% about this, but I believe the answer is no. For other reasons, now that we are with 3dcart, we require all customers to create an account in order to place an order. Our previous cart allowed the option of guest check out as well. I know in that cart, customers who did not create an account and were only "guests" had no ability to check their order status because there wasn't an account to log into to look up. Their only recourse was to call us and ask about the status. We were able to look up the back end to see if the order had shipped, the date shipped, etc.


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      Not offered by default, but definitely can be written. If you're looking for a free solution, unfortunately the answer is no.


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        Yes you can. There is a post on the forum for some code

        Add this to login-account.html The code will appear on the account log-in page: myaccount.asp
        Then you can have a link to it from anywhere like this (note, there are a couple of classes that you might need to alter (class="page_headers" & class="alternative"):

        <href="/myaccount.asp#Track-orders" alt="Track Order">
        The customer will be able to check on their order with their e-mail and order number.

        Credit: someone provided a version of this a long time ago on the forum. I don't remember who, but whoever he/she is deserves most of the credit.

        <!-- code for tracking Begin -->
        <div style="text-align:left;padding:200px 0 0 0;" class="page_headers"><br />
        <a id="Track-orders">&diams;</a> Order Tracking:</div>
        <form action="ordertracking.asp" method="post">            
        <div class="data">
        If your order has shipped, a tracking number will 
                        appear on the next page.<br />Otherwise, it is still in process. 
                        <br />Log-in to your account for more complete order history & information.
                        <br />
        <table class="alternative" style="width:100%;border-collapse:collapse;">
                          <td style="width:200px;padding:2px;align:right;" class="item"><strong>Email:</strong></td>
                          <td><INPUT type="text" size="20" name="email" value="" class="txtBoxStyle"></td>
                          <td style="width:200px;padding:2px;align:right;" class="item" ><strong>Order #:</strong></td>
                          <td><INPUT type="invoice" size="20" name="invoice" class="txtBoxStyle"></td>
                          <td style="align:right;"> </td>
                          <td style="align:left;"><input type="submit" value="Check My Order Status" class="btn" onmouseover="this.className='btn_over'" onmouseout="this.className='btn'"></td>
        <!-- code for tracking finish -->