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  • Email to my Drop Shipper


    I'd like to generate a basic email to my drop shipper automatically when my customer places a new order. The email would only contain, ship address, name, ship method, product number...etc.

    Can I just edit one of the "custom templates" for this?

    If so, how does the system know when to generate the email ? For example, where do you tell the cart system to generate certain emails when a new order happens? I didn't see this anywhere.


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    I think you would just check the box under the Distributor page that says, "Notify on New Order". As far as the email, I didn't see one under Settings>>Design>>Emails. But perhaps you could copy and paste part of code from the New Order - Merchant Email Template into the email box on your Distributor pages.

    After doing this - You could always enter your email address in the email box on one of your distributor pages and place a test order to see if it works.

    I'd be curious to know if there's a better way or email template specifically for this....We'll be working on the same thing soon.


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      This would be a nice feature

      You should be able to create emails with any data component on the system, and tell it to "send" when a certain event happens.

      For example,


      Order Number
      Shipping Info
      Product Number
      Shipper Type

      Then on every new order...this auto goes to drop shipper.

      The email that's generated today on new orders has the right info for a customer, but too much detail for a drop shipper.


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        you can.

        if you edit your distributor there is a text box where u can define what gets sent to him/her


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          I am interested in using this feature. However, I need to input our cost (wholesale price) in the email to the distributor. Anyone know the code block or variable for that? And how to total the items to arrive at the grand total of order based on our cost?