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Add Base package weight to every order without customer seeing

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  • Add Base package weight to every order without customer seeing

    I think my answer is "3dCart cannot do this at the moment", but thought I'd ask here in case I overlooked something (maybe a uservoice request in the making!).

    We currently have many of our items artificially inflated in weight as-to account for packaging materials etc. We'd like to reduce item weights to actual weights, and instead add a base weight to every order automatically (without the customer seeing it). We want this weight to be factored into the shipping quotes generated via the UPS and USPS API's.

    For example:

    Say an item weighs 1.25lbs. If we have the item listed at 1.25lbs in 3dCart admin, when the customer checks-out, they will pay for shipping based on the 1.25lbs. However, say the packaging weighs an additional 0.25lbs. Once we package the item and weigh it, the package is now at 1.50lbs (which for most shipping services bumps it up to the 2lbs price tier). This sometimes results in us collecting less than desired for shipping costs.

    We currently combat this by artificially inflating the weight on some products, but this causes over-inflated quotes when a customer orders multiple quantities of these items.

    So, we'd like to be able to set a base weight of 0.25 lbs to every order. So every order becomes 0.25lbs + order total weight. This would make that 1.25lbs order actually send 1.50lbs to USPS and UPS when getting quotes.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Its a whole lot easier to just go to the Settings > Shipping > Shipping Methods > Locate the Shipping method and increase the percentage your want to increase the shipment by. I add 5% on Fed Ex ground and 8% on Fed Express shipments and it works our perfect on about 95% of products. The extra helps cover those that don't meet the average and we sell very heavy parts with our average shipment weight going out the door of about 35- 40 lbs.


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      Argo Adventure Thanks. We already do this - but as most know, recent shipping changes by most carriers has made shipping a lot more expensive. Coupled with consumers being trained to demand only "free shipping" due to Amazon (even though they are paying for it in their Prime fees!), it's getting more difficult to have padded shipping fees.

      We're trying to give the customer the lowest possible rates without us actually having to increase product prices (or rate quotes) to compensate.