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  • Customers Can't Checkout...

    We are having an issue, and can't seem to figure out why.

    When a customer finishes putting in their info (billing, shipping, and credit card) and clicks CheckOut to finalize their order, a message pops up that states "Your checkout info has changed. Please review your shipping options and try again.”

    We are using the same settings and shipping methods we always do, anyone have any idea as to why the customers are getting this message and it wont checkout?

    Please and thank you for any help!

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    Which version are you on? I'll have to check this morning and see if I'm having an issue, I know I'm having alot of phone orders in the past 24-36 hours, but I can't use that for my info, some people just prefer to order my products my phone.


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      we are on the new admin version.

      Ive been in a chat and have a ticket open... .but long story short. They gave me a workaround.

      We just had to switch it to a multipage checkout instead of a single and it works now.

      3dCart is figuring out why it wasnt working on the single page checkout.

      But their workaround works!