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Orders being Combined and Erased.

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  • Orders being Combined and Erased.

    Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this, as it has happened now three times over the past 3 months. Support doesn't seem to have a handle on what is going on or how to fix/prevent:

    1. Order is placed by customer online. 2. As an admin I view the order to view or check different shipping rate, and then close the order. 3. Subsequent to closing the order screen I open a new Phone Order for another customer -- the items from the order I viewed previously are added to the cart for the phone order -- which I have to delete and complete the phone order. 4. Original order is either deleted or replaced (Order number) by the phone order.

    It's almost as if I need to log out and log back before I take a phone order -- that shouldn't be necessary, and in no way should a previously placed order be deleted.

    Joe Arbogast