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    Well something to look forward to for those of you not already on 7.1.0. There seems to be a move to get us to log calls via our internal dashboards. Access to the support website was temporarily disabled until I think it was proven to be impractical if your site was actually down as you couldn't log a call - lol.

    Anyway, I am happy to only login to one place (my website) and log calls, however:

    1. You cannot upload files
    2. It seems to default to your billing email address (which meant I now have 3 accounts with support, all with different issues - a little hard to track).
    3. You then need to respond to the support email with your attachment or login to to complete your call and attach your file

    Have fun!
    Fabric Garden

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    Yes, I already filed a ticket for the "cannot upload files" part (and got a generic response that I should make a uservoice suggestion for this!).

    I have to regularly attach sensitive documents (PDF's and whatever) to tickets for support to see details, whatever. Uploading them on some external 3rd party service and linking to them is not acceptable.

    In addition, this "File tickets via the store manager" thing is pretty annoying. I now have tickets in 3 different places instead of one consolidated place. It makes things more difficult to track.

    Furthermore, I don't know where they imported these past tickets from, because I can only see up until 2014 in my account (in the store manager ticket area), then suddenly all the new tickets I've filed in the past couple of days. I have pages and pages of support tickets that are not showing up, and I regularly use them as references for new problems and when I need to review what someone said, etc. Not being able to view all that history is bothersome.

    Even further - I have a store still on 3.8.0, which does not have the new admin yet. There is no way to file tickets via the old store manager -- but when I file a ticket on they close it and tell me to re-file it via the store manager!

    What was so wrong with having be the central place to file tickets? Feels like someone got a fancy idea and thought it would be cool to just do it via the store manager - but it's pretty impractical.
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      The last response I got was :

      Thank you for including the screenshot for our review!

      At the present time, there is not a way to attach files within CRM, however, you're able to do so via email (when the ticket is emailed to you instead of you accessing it through the CRM). I will confirm with our developers if they are working on adding this feature, but in the meantime, you can only attach files to tickets using your email. I apologize for any inconveniences!

      I replied that until this feature was available I would not be logging calls using their CRM.
      Fabric Garden