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  • "No shipping method" error message

    In the past couple of days we've had a few customers complain that they could not complete the checkout process because they kept getting a UPS error message, stating there were no shipping options to their location. I just manually tried one myself, and received the same message, even though the address is confirmed via the USPS as a valid address. Anyone else having this problem?

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    We had problems with this when people were buying multiple items that ended up over our max weight or shipping methods did not match weight of items allowed.

    For the first issue, we started listing items greater than 20 lbs as shipped individually. For the second issue, we have to figure out which shipping methods apply (e.g. USPS First class only works when shipping less than 1 lb in items).


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      This is happening with people ordering just one item, and it isn't consistent. I suspect it is a UPS problem (they are the only shippers we use), so I wondered if anyone else was having the same issue.


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        No one else is having this problem?

        I tried to place an order for a customer today, going through checkout--her address came back with the error message. However, when I took the order manually (via phone orders) it worked fine.

        Can anyone tell me how to turn off the "UPS Calculate Shipping" box on the first page of the checkout (where the customer enter's a zip code and all options are provided before they continue)? Maybe that is the issue--I'd like to turn it off to see if that makes a difference.


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          Have you opened a ticket with 3DC support using the confirmed address in your original post that gave you the error when you tested it? It may be worth doing since the problem is reproducible.


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            Once again, tech support comes through! Jimmy, as usual, was a life saver again today.

            FYI, we had listed the weight of some small products as .5 pounds, but our UPS was set up for a minimum of 1 pound. Big DUH on our part!