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Constant items added to cart every few secs...anyone know what is actually going on?

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  • Constant items added to cart every few secs...anyone know what is actually going on?

    I was having a lot of security issues and spam issues on my old 3dcart plan/server so I recently upgraded to the Cloud. I thought at first the Cloud allowed my site to perform much better and now I am starting to notice more and more similar issues within my cart. All of the sudden I seem to be inundated with some sort of spam bot or something, constantly adding items to my shopping cart, one item at a time, every few seconds. This always seems to slow down my store and slow or even sometimes halt sales.

    I have asked over and over to 3dcart, what is actually going on when this happens and how do I prevent this from happening again. The stock answer is 'I don't know' and the only things you can do is block the IP. Well that is what I do and I at one point had hundreds of IP's blocked. Having hundreds of IP's blocked can't be good for an eCommerce store, can it? How many IP's can I possibly keep blocking until 3dcart really looks into this matter and investigates what is really going on when this happens and figures out a way to stop it?

    Any advice? Anyone know what is actually going on when this happens? Does this happen to anyone else?

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    are they Usa based IP addresses? have you looked at cloudflare as a solution?


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      The "Cloud" plans are just marketing... it's not on a "cloud" of any sort. Your site runs on a single physical server. I believe the Cloud plans, you are the only site running on the server, and all other plans are "shared" hosts (meaning many, many sites run on the same physical server).

      Yes, blocking many IP's isn't a good way to go...

      ​As ForcedFabllc said, Cloudflare is a great solution if you are being attacked. In addition to the attack mitigation features, they also will improve your site's performance via their CDN.


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        I am already on a Cloud plan. This is the reason I moved to a Cloud plan a while ago, it seemed to help at first but now it's happening again. Usually when this happens it is an address from out of the country but this time it was two addresses within the US. Anyone know what this is? And does this ever happen to you or just to lucky me?


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          I get 5+ a day, always a G2 server 174. IP. I think that's amazon?


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            rcheltrvel what cloud plan are you referring to? 3dcart or another hosting provider.


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              I'm on a cloud plan with 3dcart ForcedFabllc


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                Post some of the IP's you are blocking (please don't post any user identifying info though). We can see if they are known baddies or not.


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                  OK rcheltrvel , you aren't crazy ;-P

                  It's happening to us now too!

                  Here's a screenshot showing our abandoned carts earlier this morning. There's at least 100+ abandoned carts created within a minute or two, all with mostly < $1.00 carts.

                  Doesn't seem to be affecting anything... adding to cart doesn't reserve stock or anything... about the only thing they can glean from this is how much stock you have of an item (if you have Inventory Control set to 'Out of Stock')... but that doesn't appear to be what they're doing (they're only adding a single item into the cart every time).

                  The IP's on the abandoned carts are all different from the most part (so no sense in trying to block them). They're likely infected computers anyway...

                  3dcart-Alex Any thoughts on what may be going on?



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                    @Alupis Yours may be from all different IP's but whenever it happens to me, it's always from the same IP, usually in a foreign country. But that is what it usually looks like in the cart.