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  • Tracking numbers

    If an order has multiple tracking# is there an easier way to add tracking# rather then using "Split a Shipment"?

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    I havent' found a better way to handle multiple tracking numbers except that shippingeasy does send an email with each tracking number to my customer so they don't usually have to come to their order to check the tracking. Wish it would handle multiple numbers, but I'm not sure how it would at this point.


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      I could concur that there should be an option to enter two separate tracking numbers/carriers without splitting shipments -- the split shipment process is really convoluted both from looking at the order and the printed invoice is really confusing to the customer. Plus if I separate a shipment into two shipments and then import into ShipStation, it actually gets brought in as three orders, one for each and then a "total" And like Toobusy -- I could use Shipstation to send the emails, but there are drawbacks to that as well.
      Joe Arbogast