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Standard captcha dead after upgrade to new admin or has this been an ongoing issue?

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  • Standard captcha dead after upgrade to new admin or has this been an ongoing issue?

    I have no idea why, but I was upgraded to the new admin today and while trying to create a customer account in the same manner as a real customer would, the standard (not recaptcha) captcha is broken. No matter how many times I entered the correct letters and numbers it said it was incorrect. How frustrating would that be for new customers! I swapped to the recaptcha and that is working. Sometimes I think the recaptcha photos are hard to read so I liked the standard one better. Anyone else have this issue?


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    Dana can you post this over in a thread where we're looking at malfunctions at the junction, so to speak, and work arounds that we as merchants can come up with?

    I was upgraded today so I'll check and see if it acts the same way on my end. I've dreaded this day and although I like the new "look", the functions are not so user friendly....


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      The standard Captcha has always had issues. Why don't you use Recaptcha? It is so much better.

      Note that if you use Recaptcha, do not use the default theme. It has display issues on some pages (Documented by support with no fix, They said to use another theme). I know the White works well. 3dcart-Carlos Ticket: #LMW-209-85886


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        Thanks elightbox. I was using the clean but I changed it to white just in case. Some of my customers had a hard time figuring out the re-captcha when the photos were unclear and they didn't know how to do the refresh. I had a blurb on the other captcha that said to enter the numbers and lower case numbers they saw and that seemed to work for my less computer savvy shoppers.