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Dashboard Statistics -- Increased/Decreased By % Indicators

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  • Dashboard Statistics -- Increased/Decreased By % Indicators

    In the new dashboard, there are % indicators below the store statistics (ie. 1000 orders ^3%). Of course, the green or red numbers compare current stats with previous stats. My guess is that this percentage compares the current time frame with the previous equal time frame. For example, if I'm looking at the last 60 days, I expect that the percentages would indicate how the past 60 days compare with the 60 days prior to that.

    One of the sales people I work with asked me about it, and I could only say "This is how I think it works", I can't find any docs that say for sure. Can anyone confirm or deny my assertions?

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    I came to the same conclusion -- made firmer after experimenting with changing the date range.
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      Yea, I was wondering about that too. Maybe one of the 3dcart people will chime in with a conclusive answer 3dcart-Alex 3dcart-Carlos
      Having Statistics without a clear explanation of the parameters and variable is dangerous.


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        Want a technical definitive answer? Dashboard stats are broken nobody knows how to fix it - my visitor stats off 9500% literally for 62 days now


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          Amen to that, you certainly can't trust the stats at all, they are no where near accurate in any time frame for me


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            The statistics no longer appear to be broken at least. My traffic was heavily inflated for the first couple of months. 3dc support said that the inflation came from them not accounting for web spiders/crawlers, but that has since been fixed. The numbers now line up generally with Google Analytics.