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I feel like I am missing something with the CRM

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  • I feel like I am missing something with the CRM

    I like the CRM, good solid way to have customers reach us from their perspective. But I feel like it is a pain to use.

    When we get notification of a CRM request via email, the reply to email is our own email. The CRM email does not tell us the customers email.
    When in 3DC, if we look at the CRM module, there is no option to directly reply to the customer via any internal message system in 3DC. We need to click on the email, copy it, paste it into the original CRM email as the reply to email, and respond to the customer.

    Is there an easier way to use this system?


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    Go to Customers> Customer Relations> Click CRM#> At the top right click +Add Reply > Type reply and save.

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      Yup, I missed that. Thanks!


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        The new admin can take some getting used to. You're welcome.

        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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          it is the sorting that needs to be fixed. By default it should sort the last post by the last date. This would give us the most current conversations floating to the top and the ability to respond quickly.

          Customers can be lazy, replying to a ticket from months past and I would never see it unless one catches the notification in the window on the dashboard screen. If you have a lot of orders that is virtually impossible.