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Building a landing page

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  • Building a landing page

    Just looking to get some opinions on building some landing pages. SEO, layout, etc. Opinions and constructive criticism welcome.

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    Like your site! Very nice theme and colors! :)


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      Thanks! We are using only a few specific colors.


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        IslandJay Are you building these primarily for SEO purposes? I would say build them using more content info, stories, videos, pictures of topics. Make the product work around those features. I would think you want to build a pages for a customer to come to visually grope while learning about something and then saying hey I want to buy that product.

        That is the next thing I have to work on for a few key products. I want to make a content page for those products with out it being a sales page. More of a page to get a customer comfortable enough on the site to buy that product and remember us for other stuff later down the road.

        I am also going to be working on some SEO pages with tech write ups, buyers guides they will be setup as landing pages for people to come directly from search results. hopefully it will help get our customers to engage the site more and again trust to spend money here.


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          Quick Observation:
          The style is clean. You might try going to 4 columns. Why? The text and pricing under the product images should align better. You might be able to center the text/pricing "center", if you choose to stay with 3 columns.

          Option 2: Use an enlarged version of the design on the shirts, with the colors available to the right, vertically, or under the product, horizontally. As a buyer, I would be interested in the design first, color second and size third.
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