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  • Turn off 3dcart sales popups

    Ok, this is really pathetic. I have the professional plan and 3dcart thinks they have the right to harass me about junk they are selling every time I log into my admin. Those ridiculous pop ups in the lower right corner.

    If this was a free version I would expect ads but NOT since I have been a paying customer for over 6 years!!!

    Does anyone know how to turn off those stupid popups?


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    I agree watchdr, It.s not the most pressing problem we have right now, but it's very annoying. I did notice that when I Xed out of it, it didn't come back the next time I logged on. I gave it a very frowny face.
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      I agree. Ads in our paid-for admin isn't cool. The "Featured Apps" in the bottom of the Dashboard needs to go also (or let people close it instead of having it locked in place).

      I would much rather get a marketing email from 3dCart.


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        I have never seen a "pop-up" upon logging in to my Admin -- there is the one ad that is on the log-in page and there are the featured apps at the bottom of the screen which are not an issue at all - -in fact I like seeing what is available -- I don't think they change it enough. I wonder how many of our customers don't like our Featured Products on the home page?
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          We receive the ads also, but it does not bother me. They should provide and opt out for those that would rather not have the pop ups or an opt in option instead.

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            I get pop ups also and it's annoying to me also. Freeware you expect pop ups, paid versions of your admin, not so much. That whole NEWS area, which is quite space consuming could go for all I care. It's all about webinars, not so bad on that, but it also pushes upsells for 3dc and I can't figure out how to make that go away, and then there it is, another pop up in the lower corner about holiday sales and am I ready. I don't know, are we ready?


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              3dcart sales reps have been blowing my phone up the last few days trying to get me to sign up for a store that I supposedly started building and never finished. I am not sure why, I have two launched stores and am paying for a third plan that has not gone live. Its kind of annoying.


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                Don't feel too bad, J. I just got an email from BC saying they were sorry to see I had canceled my account and asking why. Of course, when I replied they never answered.


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                  A staff member saw my post and has corrected the issue. It seems they hired some new sales reps and they are going through older demos and calling back those to try and get new sign ups.


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                    If it really bothers you, add an extension like Stylish to your browser. Next time you see an ad, use Inspect Element in developer tools, find out the name of the DIV, then add a rule in Stylish to block, something like:
                    #3dcardAd {
                    display:none !important;
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                      I tried Xing out of the ad but it just closes the snippet of text box. The picture is still there and each time I log into my admin the ad reappears. In fact it reopens on every page. it is the most stupid thing the people at 3dcart have ever done.

                      The real problem with that ad is that it covers the "action" drop down on a page full of items. If I need to get to that "Action" menu I can't do it without opening that stupid ad that I never want nor care about. It wastes my time on EVERY page! My time is something that I value much more than some stupid ad for something I could care less about. If 3dcart is hurting so bad they have to make their product unusable they will be hurting even more when their customers get fed up and find a company that actually cares about their customers concerns and ability to use the interface.

                      I really don't care what 3dcart is selling. I have exactly what I need already and if I wanted other things I would contact them on my own. I do NOT need some pathetic company pushing garbage on me that I neither want or need or that wastes my time.

                      Again, if the cart was free they would have a right to have all kinds of ads. But since I am a long time paying customer with more than one cart they should show a lot of respect for me and all other paying customers. Without us they lose their jobs.

                      Maybe Gonzalo's no longer cares about his business or his customers. He has lost all respect I have had for him and his company. It has been 2 days since I first posted this and he has had plenty of time to join this conversation or fix this problem.

                      While other problems may be important to fix and will take time this is just a matter of removing the code that makes this stupid ad show up. It isn't a big time commitment on 3dcart's end.

                      Sure I could change my browser so it stops these stupid things but I should NOT need to waste my time doing that. If a company has a product that they have destroyed or made unusable they no longer have a product that people will want. Since 3dcart is hurting financially (as evidenced by them forcing their stupid ads all over their product on their already paying customers) they should make their product better so more people will want to use it instead of pissing off their only source of income and driving their customers away.


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                        Even more annoying is the pop up administrator alerts to let you know that server maintenance or something will be ongoing and them putting the wrong date so you don't know when they're doing the work.....this actually was for last Thursday, I guess when they were making the legacy available again? Not sure so really it didn't do alot of good to warn me??

                        3dc admin letter with wrong date.JPG