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  • Promotion Manager Date Range

    Hi all!

    The promotion manager allows you to set an effective date range for the promotion.

    My question is (and this might be a stupid question) -- if I want a promotion to run from Thanksgiving (11/26) through the entire day on Cyber Monday (11/30), but do NOT want it to continue after 11:59 pm Eastern on that Monday 11/30, do I set the end date as 11/30/2015 or 12/01/2015?

    In other words, when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes Tuesday December 1st, the promotion should be ENDED.

    I don't often use the promotion manager, so I'm not sure if setting the END DATE as 12/1/2015 means that it would run during the entire day on Tuesday, December 1st (which I do NOT want), or if that means it ends when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes Tuesday, December 1st it ends immediately (which I DO want).

    Anyone have any idea? The little "info question mark" in the promotion manager does not seem to address how that works.

    Thanks in advance!
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      Thanks, Mitch! So I'll set it to end 11/30/2015 and that means it will run until 11:59 pm on 11/30 (and STOP at the stroke of midnight when it becomes 12/1)?

      Also, I'm guessing that based on your reply, choosing a start date (say, Black Friday: Friday, November 27th) means that it will start at 12:00 am on Friday 11/27, correct?



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        make sure your time zone is set correctly in "settings" I'm usually working at that time and if the promo is bringing late action I'll the extend the promo based on buyer behavior


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          Awesome, thanks, Mitch! Very helpful (and yes, I have my admin store settings set to Eastern).

          Thanks a million!


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            yes - correct