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  • Repeating Scripts (new admin)

    Hi all,

    This may have been asked here already, but I couldn't figure out the right search term to find a post about this...

    Is anyone else on the new version of the admin panel finding that scripts that you have coded (such as in the header) are now repeating multiple times?

    For example, we have Google Analytics and a live chat software scripts placed in our Global Left Banner. I'm not sure if it's because this new admin console defaults to showing the WYSIWYG (instead of the code itself), but if I click on the code snippet <> icon, the scripts are repeating several times. I noticed this because on our live chat software, when a customer visits our site initially, it shows them on our site like 4-5 times, and then when they click to a new page, it goes down to showing it (properly) as the visitor one time on the page.

    How can I combat these repeating scripts? Or is it going to happen EVERY TIME I click on the "Header and Footer" in Site Content?

    I'm also afraid that the repeating scripts for Google Analytics may result in incorrect reporting (because the script is repeated 4-5 times, is it counting a visit as 4-5 visits, much like our live chat software script does when a customer initially visits our site)?

    Thoughts? Tips / tricks to get around this? Am I the only one who's having this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've had that happen before in the old admin and my woopra stats and chat were all over the board, don't know what caused it except there'd been an update and every time there was an update to the old interface all my codes duplicated. Support said they couldn't replicate it and I went through and cleared them out. My mail methods changed also about the same time. On the new admin I haven't noticed it, but I'm not changing much or looking at much because I'm a chicken $hit


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      Thanks Toobusy I appreciate the input. I only noticed the behavior on the multiple live chat thing after the admin was switched to the new version, and only then after the first time that I clicked on the "Header and Footer" section to add something. Once I did that, it started going haywire.

      I'd be chicken sh*t too, but I'm too foolish to NOT mess around in this new admin console.

      Thanks again!


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        Yep that's what happened to me on the old admin. Everytime I'd try to fix the header/footer area and clear out duplicate code that suddenly appeared, it duplicated itself again and again. I had some instances where I had 20 people on the same page if you'd land on a page. Tested in my browser and there I was 20 times...I had to clear all code for my traffic, etc. save, clear cache, put the code back, save, clear cache to get it straightened up. Only happened when they changed something on their end, but they were not able to replicate it although it was easy for me to replicate...just click on header footer, and we were off to the races.


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          My footer is now duplicating at every save. For example, if I have a GeoTrust logo in the footer and save again, I now have 2. Save again, I now have 3. How did you solve that?