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    On several of our sites we use a custom contact form. Over the last few days these forms all stopped working. They use the aspsendmail.asp post.

    Its fairly obvious something changed. Is anyone aware what it was? I absolutely hate 3dcart CRM. Submitting the forms produces the following error.

    Form could not be processed due to the following errors:
    • No form data submitted.

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    Am I really the only person left not using CRM or jotform? Sigh......


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      When jotform is so good, versatile and specialized, why use a half cooked solution. Stop banging your head against the wall.


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        I use the CRM system and haven't had alot of issues, except sometimes I don't get notification of a CRM so I come in a few times a day and check


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          Yeah I hear you on Jotform. We use jotform for our company sites. However my independent clients on 3dcart are a little harder. Getting all of them to sign up for yet another service is difficult. The alternative is to get my own and push emails to them.