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Can I get your opinion on this layout and thought process?

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  • Can I get your opinion on this layout and thought process?

    I would love to get some input on my site please. Specifically around some quick layout design ideas and internal linking.
    The site is We are a business that sells our own brand of tropical inspired product and blog about the tropical lifestyles. Here are the things we decided to do. I appreciate your time and opinions on these.

    1. On the home page, the carousel 1st image is a simple serene picture. Clickable to our sales, but not an "ad". No product until second slide.
    Reason. Social Media for us clearly shows that customers like pretty pics vs product when posting. Why not give them that thought first? First impressions, etc. It will switch to product 2 seconds later.

    2. On the home page below the carosuel are a few quick links to some of our blog articles.
    Reason. Showing we are more than just selling product.
    Concern. Too big, should make smaller like a traditional thumb.

    3. We are creating landing pages to target specific organic searches. Ex. LADIES BEACH T-SHIRTS, MENS BEACH T-SHIRTS. Seems to be working as we are getting some traction in google for these search terms.

    Example. We have this page, hidden from main navigation, that shows our popular key west tees

    Like the home page, there are some links to blog articles at the bottom.
    On this Key West photo post, we have a link back to the key west tees on the bottom. Reason. Typical Google internal linking concepts.
    Concerns. Is this the right idea?

    We want to really take this to the next level with internal linking. If someone is interested in a "margarita" themed product, there will be a link in the product or category to the blog post/video about how to make one and vice versa from the blog to the product. We want to integrate knowledge, ideas, and experiences into the site with the product and have them co-exist. The brand will revolve around making product and posts around each other.

    Thoughts on any of this? I welcome opinions on anything you may see on the site.

    thank you!
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    websites have nothing to do with what you like or I like - test for everything - grasshopper

    crosslinking is a beautiful thing
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      I agree Master Caine (Will anyone else get these references?)

      It is what the customer wants. Truth be told I honestly do not like some of my designs, but it is for the customer and what they like. If they are happy, I am happy. Seems to work great that way!

      The internal linking is great. Was just not sure if you can Over Do It?