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  • Site Down

    My site is down this morning

    I have already alerted the 3dcart admins

    Anyone else affected by this?

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    No, but I have had no orders today and I just had a customer call me and say she entered her order, went to check out, put in all her info and credit card and submitted the order, but when she submitted the order just hung up and never stopped submitting. When I went into the cart to see what was going on, I found her dropped order but only at step 1, didn't show any of her contact info or anything that would show she got past step 1. My sales are so down for this holiday season and I barely have dropped carts at anything past step 1, could something like this be happening all the time 3dcart??? 3dcart-Alex 3dcart-Carlos 3dcart-Geronimo 3dcart-Henry 3dcart-Walter .


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      Ours was down for about ten minutes.


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        i was down for 2 hours this morning, back up and now down again ...


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          I was down for about 12 minutes


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            I'm on enterprise hosting and weve had more than 6 hours of outages the first 8 days of december - I'm about to look for a sword to fall on