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Orders, Shipping Calculations and Multiple Distributors???

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  • Orders, Shipping Calculations and Multiple Distributors???

    Anyone know of the best way to setup shipping costs when orders can potentially contain products from multiple distributors?

    I was planning to use the Real-Time shipping calculator (using UPS rates) on our upcoming site. However, when I tested this feature by adding two products from two different distributors into the cart, I noticed that the shipping amount calculated was much lower than what it should be - given that there would be multiple boxes shipped from two different locations.

    For example: Let's say the customer orders Product A from Distributor A in California and also orders Product B from Distributor B in Florida all on the same order. What is the best shipping setup so that shipping is calculated as if this is two separate orders without making the customer go through the hassle of actually placing two separate orders?

    I hope this makes sense. I'm wondering if my only option will be to go with a fixed shipping cost for each product...

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Isn't there a "ship seperate" on the product setup page?



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      Thanks a lot for the information and taking the time to reply! I never even knew that option existed.