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  • Promotion Manager - Stackable & Non-Stackable

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this is possible or not with 3D Cart's built-in functionality of their promotion manger...

    I have an automatic discount in place. NO coupon code required. Let's say: 10% off subtotals of $200+

    I want to add a couple of coupons (where a code IS required at checkout) for those who don't reach that automatic discount threshold, such as:

    a) $5 off $50+
    b) $10 off $100+

    So, I'm having some issues when testing this.

    STACKABLE: I set the automatic discount (10% off $200) as being able to be stacked with a) or b) coupon code promotions. That way, you can spend $200+ and get the automatic 10% off, plus use coupon b) for an extra $10 off.

    Issue: the customer can use BOTH a) and b) as promotions at checkout. So they could spend $200, get the automatic 10% off, apply coupon code a) for $5 off, AND also apply coupon code b) for another $10 off.

    NON-STACKABLE: the next thing that I tried was leaving the automatic 10% as stackable, and setting the coupon code a) and b) promotions as non-stackable.

    Issue: this solves the issue of a customer being able to use BOTH coupon codes a) and b) at checkout, but takes away the ability for the automatic discount for those that reach that threshold if the customer wanted to use either a) or b) coupon code during checkout for an extra discount. In other words, if you spend $200+, and add coupon code b), it ONLY applies coupon code b) and the automatic discount is no longer in place.

    Maybe I'm missing something, or overthinking this, or I'm trying something that isn't logical to begin with...I would like to set this up to where:

    1) The automatic 10% off $200 applies no matter what. You spend $200+, you get 10% off automatically.

    2) Those that reach $200+ will get the automatic 10% off, plus the ability to use ONE of the coupon codes for an extra discount on top of the 10%

    3) No one is able to use both coupon codes a) and b) at the same time on the same order.


    Thank in advance!

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    The Non-Stackable check box is absolute. If a coupon is marked Non-Stackable it will not combine with any other coupon. Currently you cannot do what you propose.

    I just made a User Voice request (waiting for moderator approval) for a new promotion option of "Always Stackable"

    So you would have Stackable / Non-Stackable / and Always Stackable.

    We offer several freebies for customers. Spend $50 of this company and get this little thing, or spend $75 on this other category and get a free sample. We want customers to always be able to get these, but now if a customer uses a non-stackable coupon, they see this freebie taken away in real time in the shopping cart. I would like to mark these Freebies "Always Stackable"


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      Thanks so much elightbox , I appreciate the info. I was afraid that it wouldn't be possible. Hmmm, hopefully we don't get any "double stacked" coupon code hasn't happened yet, it was just something that I noticed when I was testing. I like your idea for Stackable / Non-Stackable / Always Stackable! I'll be sure to vote for it if/when it is approved by the moderator in the User Voice.

      Thanks again!


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        JR123, what I normally do to prevent customers from using two coupons in the promotion rules is set the max range so say the minimum order amount would be set to $50 to get the $5 off and the max would be set to $99.99 so if there order total reaches $100 or above then the $5 off coupon would no longer work so that they can't use both and then the $10 off coupon order total minimum would be set to $100 and the max would be set to whatever you wanted it to be.
        Gro-aut Solutions


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          Thanks Msgroaut ! That's a great idea, I appreciate it! Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!