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Getting correct postage for USPS First Class Mail International for Large Envelopes

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  • Getting correct postage for USPS First Class Mail International for Large Envelopes

    The cart is double charging for Large Envelopes from US to other countries. For example if you use the USPS calculator for:

    US to Finland (or UK, France, etc)
    $10 value
    Large Envelope
    0 pounds, 2 ounces

    No - The Large Envelope is too Rigid
    No - The Large Envelope is NOT Rectangular or Square
    No - The Large Envelope contains items that cause more than 1/4 inch variation

    The result is: $3.36 (First-Class International Options: International Large Envelope; Value of contents can not exceed $400.00; Max. length 15", height 12" or thickness 3/4")

    However the cart tries to chart $7.10

    Support said that this is because the cart is using Package rates instead of Large Envelope rates, and there is no option for Large Envelope rates.

    So how do you set it up for Large Envelope rates?

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    I've been fighting with those issues on international, and domestic, where 3dc does not allow for fractional dimensions, nor do they have all rates that USPS offers. They told me to put a request up in users voice. Did that three years ago, no love. What you have to do is attempt to calculate on your own the percentage over charge there is and adjust the rate on the shipping to say -38% when it calculates the prices. Sometimes you win on that and sometimes you eat the loss. It's crazy. Accurate shipping rates and having all methods offered available to us doesn't seem like it should have to be a user voice topic that people vote on. It's an ecommerce site and accurate shipping rates should be a gimme, IMHO. The above scenario was what support finally came up with for a work around for me


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      If the envelope is irregular, or is more than 1/4 inch, you HAVE to use "package rates". An envelope is is rectangular or square and less than 1/4 inch thickness.


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        You still won't get an accurate quote for postage if you choose package. There's no international medium flat rate choice, the padded envelope flat rate doesn't calculate correctly. You can't use dimensional fractions so that USPS "might" pick up their flat rate package sizes and quote the correct rate. It's not fun. But if you've answered the questions asked, as the OP has, there should be no issue with using international large envelope as your shipping method, but it won't calculate correctly.


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          Due to lack of time, I just offered free shipping, and added $2.00 to every product.