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  • tools services tips and tricks that you use to keep your store humming

    Hi all.. I was just reading an article on the pipemonk blog / forum called 101 absolutely free tools to grow your online store (, and got to thinking about all of the services I have seen people mention here - for example, pingdom.

    I thought it would be great to create a 3dCart toolchest that would help others discover some online services (paid and free) that you use regularly, can't live without, and know will help them run their store - I would love to learn a few as well.

    For example: I just came across background burner (a free tool by bonanza) that allows you to remove backgrounds from images.. and it is pretty awesome for some quick / easy photo edits. Here is the link:

    I also use tinypng ( for image compression, and picmonkey / Pixlr / canva for photo edits - when I am not using pixelmator.

    Please.. put your tools up for myself and others to see.. I know it can help all. Thanks, Andrew
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    Come on guys.. there has to be something you can contribute -

    Pingdom - Downtime alerts
    Website speed tests?
    SEO / Backlinks / Broken links?
    etc etc etc

    There are so many services I have seen people mention that they use.. it would really be great to have it all here. Please share.. thanks again. A-


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      Downtime alerts - I use uptimerobot
      Free Mail Hosting:
      SEO / Backlinks etc - /
      Bloglovin - RSS Feeds and to increase blog following

      Social Media Extra's - to capture periscope broadcasts so that they 'live' for longer than 24 hours - Instagram stats
      Latergram - schedule IG posts
      Instagrab - to repost instagram posts
      Fabric Garden


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        Validate your e-mail settings:
        Fancy box shadow generator:
        Website history:*/
        Nice modal windows:

        We use Pingdom for downtime


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          Thanks for the image background remover. Didn't know about that one and it does a good job.

          I use for social media posting. You can cross point on different social media sites.

          Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop


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            Thank you fabricgarden and elightbox .. much appreciated. Hopefully, we can get more. I remembersomeone mentioning a way to see historical code files, so I would love to get that one on this list. DeanP just threw a great one out with builtwith removals to get ride of builtwidth lookups - And, they have a super cool captcha.


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              A lot of these aren't directly related to my 3dcart store, but those that aren't help keep my computer running smoothly and make me more productive, so I think they qualify. It's a pretty long list, so go grab a cup of coffee, tea, whatever first. ;)

              Windows 7 Programs

              7-Zip 9.22 beta
              Zip file manager

              Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.9.20077.160923
              PDF reader

              Malware scan and fix

              Belarc Advisor 8.5a
              Build a detailed profile of installed software, hardware, etc.

              Clean temporary files, optimize & speed up your computer

              Color Cop v5.4.2
              Color picker

              Disk defragmenter

              Save/restore desktop icon layout

              Dexpot Virtual desktops 1.06.0014
              Support 2+ virtual desktops

              Easy XML Converter
              Convert XML files

              File search utility

              FileZilla FTP Client
              Open-source FTP client

              Firefox 43.0.4
              Web browser

              Foxit PDF Reader
              PDF reader

              Jing 2.8.13007.1
              Capture and share anything on computer screen, still or video

              Microsoft Malware Protection
              Malware protection

              Microsoft Security Essentials
              Virus protection

              Daily pop-up reminders

              Notepad++ 6.55
              Text editor

              OpenOffice 4.00.9714
              Spreadsheet, word processor, etc.

              Image editor

              PIXresizer 2.00.0006
              Image resizer

              PowerChute Personal Edition
              UPS manager

              File manager, replacement for Windows Explorer

              RoboForm 7-9-17-5
              Password and identity manager

              Skype 7.0
              Video communications

              Spybot - Search & Destroy
              Malware scan and fix

              Malware protection, scan and fix

              File backup/restore

              TeamViewer 10 10.0
              Remote support

              Thunderbird 38.5.1
              Email client

              UltraSearch 2.0.3
              File searcher

              What's Running
              Show system's active processes, services, drivers, and connections

              WinPatrol Monitor 32.0.2014.5
              Monitor and manage startup programs, cookies, active tasks, services, IE helpers

              Firefox Extensions

              Capture an image of all or part of a web page

              Adblock Plus 2.7
              Remove online advertising, block malware domains

              Add-on Update Checker 2.15
              Check add-ons for updates

              Blur 5.3.1983
              Protect passwords, payments and privacy

              Cookie Monster
              Comprehensive cookie management

              Firebug 2.0.13
              Firefox development tools

              FireFTP 2.0.26
              Firefox FTP client

              Is It Compatible?
              Display add-on compatibility versions

              Draw ruler to get the pixel width and height of any webpage element or part/all of a page

              Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus 1.2.1-signed
              Display Bookmarks Toolbar in multiple rows

              RAMBack 1.0.1-signed
              Clear internal caches

              RoboForm Toolbar
              Password manager and form filler

              Saved Password Editor 2.9.4
              Create and edit internal password manager entries

              Tab Mix Plus
              Enhance tab browsing abilities

              Tabs on Bottom 0.5.1-signed
              Re-enable Tabs on Bottom appearance for Firefox 28.0a1+

              Thunderbird Extensions

              Add-on Compatibility Reporter 1.1.1-signed
              Report add-on compatibility issues to Mozilla

              Extract all attachments from selected emails

              Edit email subject 2.0.3
              Edit received email subjects

              Signature Switch 1.6.14
              Switch signature block on/off or select from predefined set


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                If you run a 1-person or small business, consider switching everything to Google Apps for business. It's $5 a month and is a much better solution for your 3dcart domain email than the native application.
                - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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                  Thanks DeanP .. I use Office365 for that.. for $15 / month, I get the full office suite on 5 computers, which is frequently updated, they run my outlook with exchange capabilities (I see everything the same way on all devices), I get unlimited storage in my OneDrive for Business account, and Microsoft technical support, who have helped me out a bunch of times. Thanks for copying and pasting the bible in this thread Charlie cwnoah! I can't believe your computer even runs with all of those services :P


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                    Actually massagestore, most of them don't run as services. I just use them as needed. No computer ever runs fast enough, but mine's pretty speedy.