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What BOT/Spider is from Boise Idaho?

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  • What BOT/Spider is from Boise Idaho?

    I've noticed I am getting hit by a spider or a bot from Boise according to Google Analytics. It is opening 8+ pages of my site at a time and does not appear to be a customer. I have tried to figure out what their IP address is but can't nail it down. Has anyone else noticed this spider or bot on their site lately? I would like to block them if they are not legit. Thanks so much!


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    OK I figured it out. Its Solution Pro out of Boise Idaho. They were hitting my site thousands of times so I blocked their IP ranges. Hopefully that will stop their spamming.


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      OK the IP block function does not appear to be working. =( I checked my stats and they are still able to hit my site even though I can confirm the IP they are using is in the block. Anyone else have a suggestion of what I can do?


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        That's pretty strange, we can do blocking at the server level, but the server admins need to do that. Can you submit a ticket? Make sure that you include the IP(s) that seem to keep hitting your site even after you blocked them. We'll check into that, and also block them at the router/server level.
        Gonzalo Gil
        3dCart Support
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          Thanks for your response GonzaloGil. It looks like it is working now. No new hits from them recently. =)