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Huge Problem With 3Dcart DELETE button

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  • Huge Problem With 3Dcart DELETE button

    Today I was editing some images and I accidentally clicked DELETE, which resulted in me deleting my ENTIRE image folder. It could have been much worse and fortunately this folder didn't contain a very large amount of images. Yes, I know this was my fault, but I really wish there was a prompt that asked me, "Are you sure you want to delete this folder" or something like that.

    I'd like to know who the best person to contact directly about how to implement a delete confirmation button for something like this. I think it would prevent a lot of potential problems.

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    This has happened to us multiple times. The delete button at the top right of the image folder screen has absolutely no business being there. If they refuse to move it they need to make a warning pop up saying " ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THE ENTIRE FOLDER" because I guarantee you 99.99% of the people clicking it don't!!!!