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Credit card processing errors

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  • Credit card processing errors

    Any way to know exactly WHY a credit card was rejected. I have a customer trying to complete an order and it won't take card they 'use all of the time'. The error on the Incomplete order just says:

    Gateway Response: 0 Authentication/Authorization Failed
    Internal Error10002 000

    Is there a certain meaning for the internal error number?

    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Might wanna check with Authorizenet (or whoever) on that specific code. We've found that, quite often, folks typo the CVV number or put spaces or dashes in the CC number which causes a failure vs. an outright rejection.

    Perhaps contact the customer and process their card manually if you have a "virtual terminal" or some way to manually process the card? Or, create a "Gift Certificate" code for the amount of their order, allow them to continue checkout and have 'em send a check or... ??

    Also, we keep an "offline payment method" (pay with check/personal money order) set up but disabled. Occasionally, we will enable it for a person having difficulties so that they can complete their order and we work out the dough later.



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      Thank you - I'll check with the customers about the spaces or dashes in the number.

      I do allow all of my customers to pay by check - so she may do that.

      I can also try virtual terminal - I'm Using PAYPAL PRO.

      thanks for your time
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner