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  • App + One Category of Products Not Working?

    Hi all. Looking to see if anyone has any ideas regarding my issue. I have installed the app, works fine on all my Tranmissions EXCEPT my Dodge Transmissions.

    Not working:

    (If you want to test, just make it to the View Cart page, enter your zip, and see that Dodge products do not pull up any shipping options, where as Ford and GM do.)

    Now, ALL Ford+GM+Dodge products are the SAME WEIGHT. We are using shipping frieght class 85. I've changed the class, doesn't worked. Changed the weight of the Dodge products, doesn't work. Changed the Doge products so they're cheaper, doesn't work.

    Anyone have any experience in this or any ideas?!?! We're desperate and FreightQuote takes no responsiblity for their app!

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    It's working for me. Southeastern FL (2 day) $119.34