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Re-Captcha Not Working and People Leaving Our Site

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  • Re-Captcha Not Working and People Leaving Our Site

    We enabled the re-captcha in on our site and no matter how many times you try to enter the code, it does not work (The customer will get error code 55). We also duplicated this issue many times over and got the same error results.

    People are leaving out site because they are not able to register and/or get a new password when they try to reset it.

    Has anyone else had this same experience?

    UPDATE: So I spoke to support and they said that if this happens, the customer should clear out the cache - that seems to be an issue, but every since this post, we have not seen a customer have to do this or any issues.

    Thank you again for all your help!
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    yes, I submitted a support ticket just this week, they could not duplicate the issue nor could I but I know for a fact there is a problem, the letters you type in are correct but you still get an error


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      We were having the same problem and have also had this problem in the past. We installed reCaptcha from the Modules section and so far it seems to be working good.

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        When is 3dCart going to get on with the new Google Captcha (I'm not a robot)??? I'm really tired of dealing with customers who can't use the system - either Captcha or re-Captcha -- and I'm not wanting to turn it off completely.
        Joe Arbogast


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          one of the many reasons i have now moved away from 3dcart


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            Birdsafe happydog As mentioned in one of our other posts recently ( the I am Not a Robot CAPTCHA is currently being worked on and we hope to have it out this quarter.

            You're also free to remove captcha on certain pages via HTML editing, which we have a guide to here

            The article does mention some of the reasons to not remove the coding, but does give instructions on how to.


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              Thanks 3dcart-Victor -- I'm wondering how many people have removed the captcha code and if it has caused problems - -the last thing I want is for some hack to crash the site by sending a script to a form.
              Joe Arbogast


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                Has this been fixed?