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    I am wondering if any one knows of a plugin that links social media posts to product pages? I would like to connect Instagram posts to the product pages so customers can see the products "in action". To get a jist of what I mean you can scroll to the bottom of this page on the Free People website where customers have the option to upload pictures wearing the product.
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    Have you looked at Websta - Tools? They have something that will do this.
    Fabric Garden


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      I've been looking for this over the past few days as well - -looked at SocialPilot and Kit -- what bugs me is Kit is a "3dCart Partner - listed on their app page -- yet they stay they don't integrate with 3dCart -- they should be removed -- like Yotpo -- if they don't work with 3dCart, don't waste my time looking into them.

      I would really like to find a way to automate posting of the Daily Deal to Facebook and Twitter -- we rotate ours every 12 hours -- while I can do it manually every 12 hours, it would be nice to automate it. Some of these social media packages look like they offer some good analytic and share tools as well, but they aren't interested in 3dcart for some reason at this point, even though they do integrate with other carts.
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        Birdsafe So I found somewhat of a solution for what I was looking to do. I was able to embed individual posts from Instagram-just click the "..." in the bottom right hand corner of the picture and it will give you a code. Then I went to my product page, scrolled down to Custom Fields, and input the code into "Field 6" (you can add code to that one) and then changed the name of "Feature 6" to "Social Media" in Store Language. If you are interested you can check out what I did in the link below
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          fabricgarden Thank you, with that I was able to add my Instagram posts to my "Multimedia" section!
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