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  • Multiples discount for products

    Can someone tell me what I'm missing? I'm trying to create a "multiples" discount where a customer can buy any quantity of a product, but get a discount when they buy in multiples of 5, 10, 15, etc. If the customer buys a quantity of 6, I'd like them to get 5 of them discounted, but full price for the 6th one; until they reach the next quantity of 5.

    Right now it works if they buy exactly 5; but as soon as one more is added to the cart, ALL products go back to full price.

    Here is a link to show you the product I'm trying to do: http://myxstaceybathproducts-ca.3dca...Bomb_p_12.html

    If they buy under 5 - it would be $4.49 each
    If they buy a "combo" in multiples of 5 (can be different fragrances), then it's 5 for $20; 10 for $40, etc.
    If they buy 6 - it would be one combo at $20, then $4.49 for the 6th one.

    Please help?

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    The way it works in 3dcart, is you set quantity tiers (for the same item).. When a customer hits the tier, they are all priced according to that tier.
    If you want to combine fragrances, they would have to be treated as options.
    You can accomplish what you want with tiers, you just have to increment them by one and figure out the % discount for each tier.
    You would start at 5, then do one for 6, 7, 8, etc...The % discount would change with each additional item.


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      Thanks, I "think" I've actually figured out a work-around.

      For anyone else with this problem, here's what I did:

      Created an option under the "Product Options" tab
      - under that, I created an "Individual" option; and then a "Combo" option, where the quantity is set to 5 and the value increased (5 for $20).

      I then have an option for fragrances

      Lastly, I created an option for Additional Fragrances (this is a text field that they can type in different fragrances for the combo).

      With this workaround, they can only select either individual items, or a combo item; or BOTH.

      Fingers crossed that this works... :-D