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Customer Relations - CRM - a few problems/questions

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  • Customer Relations - CRM - a few problems/questions


    I have a couple questions regarding the CRM module.

    1. The title of the email sent to a customer is "Store Name: Update Tracking #", but it doesn't put in the ticket ID. In the CRM Reply email code it's "[store_name]: Update Tracking #[ticketid]". But the ticket ID isn't coming through.

    2. Is there a way to respond to these questions through email? Or is the only way to log into Admin and use the Customer Relations link and reply there?


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    My emails come in like this:


    A customer has sent you a message.

    CRM Ticket: #689

    Subject: Wiper motor

    [store_name]: Update Tracking #[ticketid] Same as yours. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be including the ticket number though on yours

    And the only way I know of to answer them is to log into the back in and find the ticket and respond to it although it would sure be nice to just be able to answer the question and run.


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      I think the "update tracking#" subject is when a customer responds to a ticket rather than the initial request, and I agree that it is not very specific to a CRM ticket -- the subject line should day it is a CRM update. While it would be easier to respond to tickets through email, and yes I have done so, there then is no record in the ticket of that response. If the ticket could be updated when you respond by email, that would be preferable. I would also like to see the ability to get an SMS message when a ticket is opened.
      Joe Arbogast