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Check MPN Codes for errors. System is changing them. Product feeds affected.

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  • Check MPN Codes for errors. System is changing them. Product feeds affected.

    We discovered the system has changed our original MPN codes by inserting extra commas and replacing characters with zeros. This appears to happen if a product has options and more than one code is listed.

    Original MPN: 70008062901,70008062912
    Current MPN: 7,000,806,290,170,000,000,000

    This is not the first time we have seen the error. We are not sure what is causing this change but suspect it may have something to do with the New Admin.

    These incorrect codes load in product feeds. This will cause issues with Google Shopping and Bing or any shopping engine requiring the MPN.

    These codes have been changed in such a way that it may be difficult to fix. Maybe if you have exported the items, the file may contain the correct codes. Maybe this is where the problem is. We are checking our recent downloads.

    Are there any other merchants with this issue?

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    We have discovered the problem in the product export. The error is caused when the system creates the file. If you upload the file, these incorrect MPN codes will replace the originals. This has happened when we were working on other records and did not notice the systemic errors to the mfgid for items with multiple codes.


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      That happened to me about a year ago, but only for one manufacturer. The system configured the MPN with 2 decimal places, but no commas. Watch your date fields too. At least you can't upload spreadsheets with incorrect date data.