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Issues with the Product questions module.

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  • Issues with the Product questions module.

    OK so the product question module is just plain a PITA to use. We get a notification of a new questions for a product to naturally we goto products to answer or view it. but alas thats not where its located... So then I remember its in the module list. So i spend a few mins trying to remember where the modules are. then I dawns on me its the rocket ship icon, because we all know rocket ship icons means module... who thinks this layout crap out??? So I finally get into the product questions area and they are not sorted by date. there is not even an option to sort by date. So then I have to waste even more time trying to figure out which question is new and which is a year old. I go through like 5 questions and find the one I need to answer. I answer it and click it as approved. I go about my business.

    Today about 6 days later I go back in there to just look and see if I had any other questions and low and behold the system never approved the question and answer even after I clicked approve. SO then i do it again. Still nothing. Again nothing. again nothing. so then I click the box scroll down to the batch actions and click it for the last time before I start throwing stuff around the office. It worked....

    I am so sick of things not working how they should or just plain being put in the wrong place and never moved. What happened to moving forward last year and this year 3dcart? do you guys have any plans to compete with Bigcommerce or Shopify?

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    After you approve or change anything are you hitting save in the top right. This is one of my irritants because it is redundant. Even at times when the screen appears to reload after checking or changing something it will not take unless you hit save in the top right. Its worth checking.
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      ForcedFabllc You should add Product Questions to your Short Cuts.

      We have Gift Cards, Product Questions, Import Export, Store Language, and a few others in our short cuts for fast (two click) access.

      I have not had any problems with Product Questions not saving. When I click Add Answer (from the Question Page), the answer page is shown, and you can't get out of it without clicking Save. I have never had to click Save again, on the Question page for the answer to take.

      My one gripe is Usability. Having to click the little Gear icon to select actions even if there is only one choice, and not having bulk actions.